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小型運動控制器 長寬3.8cm 高度1.5cm 內建馬達驅動器1千瓦

ATLAS® Digital Amplifiers

ATLAS® Digital Amplifiers are the latest addition to PMD's drive family and deliver high performance in an ultra-compact enclosure.


ATLAS® Digital Amplifiers


High performance torque control for brushless DC, DC brush, and Step motor control.


ATLAS® Digital Amplifiers are compact single-axis amplifiers that provide high performance torque control of DC brush, brushless DC, and step motors. They are packaged in a compact solderable module and utilize standard through-hole pins for all connections.



  • High Performance all digital power amplifier

  • Ultra compact 1.52” (38.5 mm) x 1.52” (38.6 mm) x .60” (15.2 mm)

  • Controls Brushless DC, DC Brush & step motors

  • Operating supply voltage range of 12 V to 56 V

  • Up to 14 A continuous, 25 A peak current

  • Total power output up to 1 Kilowatt

  • Field oriented control

  • Space vector modulation drive

  • Fully digital current loop

  • I2t current foldback limiting

  • On-board performance trace

  • Rugged solderable format

  • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) eliminates analog +/- 10 V signals

  • Pulse & direction input

  • Up to 256 microsteps per step

  • Overcurrent, short circuit,overvoltage, undervoltage&overtemperature protection

  • Enable input and Fault output safety interlock

  • Selectable 20 kHz, 40 kHz, and 80 kHz PWM frequencies

  • Single supply operation

  • Works with Magellan® ICs, FPGAs or microprocessor-based controllers

  • Comes in horizontal and vertical mount configurations

  • Available with mechanical mounting tabs


High Performance in an Ultra Compact Package


ATLAS Digital Amplifiers are used for direct control of motor torque, or in conjunction with higher level controllers for velocity or positioning applications. Their very compact size and high power output make them ideally suited for applications such as laboratory automation, scientific instruments, general purpose motion control, HVAC, fan & pump controllers, and industrial motor control applications. ATLAS Amplifiers are provided in both vertical and horizontal mounting configurations, and with and without heat sink attachment tabs.




ATLAS digital amplifiers provide many advanced control features including user-programmable gain parameters, performance trace, field oriented control, and I2T current management. Atlas amplifiers are powered from a single supply voltage, and provide automatic protection from overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, overtemperature, and short circuit faults.




The ATLAS family has been designed to work seamlessly with PMD's Magellan family of Motion Processor ICs. Alternatively, they can be used with dedicated FPGAs, digital signal processors, or general purpose microprocessors. Communication is via SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) using a simple, packet-oriented protocol. For step motors, in addition to the SPI format a dedicated pulse & direction input mode is provided.





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